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Bulgaria that noteworthy Balkan nation with diverse terrain encompassing Black Sea coastline, a mountainous interior and rivers, including the Danube. Your chance to find the perfect vacation rentals In Bulgaria for your next vacation. Great deals on budget vacation rentals to luxury packages. Also Browse through the vacation rentals listings and book your vacation today!Varna town Bulgaria

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Bulgarian local Dishes for the Body and Soul

How to Cook Bulgarian Musaka MoussakaBulgarian local dishes shares a number of dishes with Russian Italian Greek cuisine and even Middle Eastern cuisines Soups and stews salads appetizers meals and desserts. See the Local videos

How to Cook Bulgarian Musaka MoussakaBulgarian local dishes shares a number of dishes with Russian Italian Greek cuisine and even Middle Eastern cuisines Soups and stews salads appetizers meals and desserts. See the Local videos

Sunny Beach Bulgaria.

The Lads let there hair down at Sunny Beach.

Bulgaria a republic in eastern Europe.

Bulgaria a republic in eastern Europe which is coming up, both in terms of tourism and economy. It lies on the Balkan peninsula with the Black Sea to the east and the Danube River to the north.

Besides the original Slavic inhabitants of the area there was also a large group from Asia. In the 14th century they were conquered by the Ottoman Empire. From the late 19th century they had their own government and increasing independence. In 2007 Bulgaria joined the European Union.

Traditionally Bulgaria has been an agriculturally-oriented country, but during the communist regime, industry rose sharply. Machine building, metallurgy, chemicals, textiles and electronics are important branches of industry.

Today, 20% of the income is derived from agriculture. The Balkan Range cuts through the land from west to east. North of the mountains, to the Danube, there is a plateau with fertile soil. South of the Balkan region a light Mediterranean climate prevails.

The rest of the country has a continental climate which means hot summers and severe winters. In summer, temperatures in the interior average 27 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees on the Black Sea.

In recent years it has become more popular with tourists. The country has worked very hard to attract tourists, who originally were very suspicious of Bulgaria.

In the beginning, only Eastern Europeans and Turks visited the country but increasingly tourists from western Europe have been arriving. The main tourist area is the Black Sea coast. Here you will find large modern apartments, the Rose Valley, the cities of Karlovo and Sopot and lots of natural beauty.

The government has protected a number of the old districts. Also many folk traditions have been kept alive  and there are many museums (Thracian art) and monasteries which are also a major attraction. Bulgarian music is very popular and has influenced many types of music.

Bulgaria attracts tourists who come each year to enjoy nature, the beach and the sea. The main resorts are Golden Beach, Albena, Sunny Beach and Djuni. Spas have grown enormously in recent years.

The smaller coastal towns are also seeing more visitors. Resorts such as Sozopol, Obzor, Pomorie, Vlas and Nesebar are excellent places to enjoy the Bulgarian summer. During the summer there are direct charter flights from Amsterdam to Varna and Bourgas. You can also get a scheduled flight (with stopover) to one of the two airports on the coast.

Bulgaria has a lot to offer winter skiers.

In particular, Pamporov and Borovetz are well-known resorts. With extensive slopes and great snow it is a good alternative to France or Italy. In recent years, the ski resort of Bansko has also been very popular.

It has a modern lift. At this moment Bulgaria is working on a new track near the village of Dobriniste. Skiing is very worthwhile! Bulgaria is mainly mountainous and thus a great place for hikers. You can make several trips, including with a guide.

trigrad gorge Bulgaria

The Trigrad Gorge

The Balkan Peninsula derives its name from the Balkan or Stara planina mountain-range, which runs through the centre of Bulgaria and extends into eastern Serbia.

Bulgaria comprises portions of the regions known in classical times as Moesia, Thrace, and Macedonia. The mountainous southwest of the country has two alpine ranges — Rila and Pirin — and further east stand the lower but more extensive Rhodope Mountains.

The Rila range includes the highest peak of the Balkan Peninsula, Musala, at 2,925 meters (9,596 ft); the long range of the Balkan mountains runs west-east through the middle of the country, north of the famous Rose Valley. Hilly country and plains lie to the southeast, along the Black Sea coast, and along Bulgaria’s main river, the Danube, to the north.

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