Santo Antao Island

Santo Antao Island most beautiful islands of Cape Verde

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Splendid Santo Antao Island

Santo Antao Island  is one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago of Cape Verde. The mountain forests and valleys of Santo Antao Island are truly great for hiking.

Santo Antao or Sontonton in the Crioulo is the second largest island of the Cape Verde Archipelago and is the westernmost and largest of the Barlavento islands of Cape Verde.

There are some very high mountains which are a must for anyone visiting the Santo Antão.

The highest mountain and point on Santo Antao is a volcano peak called Topo de Coroa and stands at 1979 metres tall. Santo Antao is entirely made up of volcanic rock and was discovered in 1462 by Diogo Afonso.

Santo Antao Island

Ribeira Grande

Santo Antao’s main town is Ribeira Grande which is situated on the north coast, which has an airport. There is also a ferry port which can be found in Porto Novo, on the south coast.

Santo Antao Island

The land on Santo Antao Island is desert to the South, with the vegetation becoming very lush as you move to the North of Santo Antao.

The main industries found on Santo Antao Island are fishing and paper manufacturing.

The farming that takes place on Santo Antão Island are sugar cane, yams, cassava, bananas, mangoes, papaya and grain.

Santo Antao Island

Tourism is the fastest and most dominant industry on Santo Antao.Island Currently Santo Antão is the most touristic island in Cape Verde.
The Santo Antao island is connected by a series of old, cobbled roads, built by the Portuguese in the 19th century.

Cape Verde Island, Santo Antao cape verde

Economy and Agriculture on Santo Antao Island Cape Verde

Owing to the rainfall in the highlands of the island, Santo Antao enjoys a very productive agriculture industry. Cultivation includes yams, sugar cane, bananas, coconuts, mangoes and other fruits. Coffee is also grown on Santo Antao.

The main industries are agriculture, fishing, and the extraction of Pozollana (a volcanic mineral). There are plans to commercialise mineral water from Santo Antao island.

Santo Antao Island

Tourism is limited but regular. It has attracted many travellers who wish to experience something entirely different.

View of Santo Antao Island, Cape Verde Tarrafal, Santiago, Cape Verde.

Tourism on Santo Antao Island Cape Verde
Santo Antao Island is one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago of Cape Verde.

The mountain forests and valleys of Santo Antao are truly great for hiking. The main peaks are Tope de Coroa, Pico do Cruz and Guido do Cavaleiro. There is also pony trekking and hand gliding on the island.

Santo Antao Island

The beaches are lovely and picturesque. The best coast for swimming is located to the South of the island.

Santo Antao Island is famous in Cape Verde for its sugar cane Grogue, a type of rum. Visitors can see this being made traditionally at Ribeira da Torre.

About Casa Cavoquinho on Santo Antao Island

Santo Antao Island

We want your holidays in Cape Verde to be unforgettable and for this reason, we want to help you with your stay as much as possible. Helping you to get the domestic flight tickets or arranging transport for you in Santo Antão. Even more, we can help you to organize your stay in Mindelo (Sao Vicente).
About our Location on Santo Antao Island
The Valley of Paúl is the ideal place for hiking, relaxing and enjoying nature.
Hiking to Janela

We offer a guide service with routes for all levels in order to get to know the Valley; natural water channels, waterfalls, coffee plantations, sugar cane, banana farms, “trapiches”, etc.

The island of Santo Antao offers hikers hundred of paths to discover. We can suggest some routes to complete your stay with us. There are several options for day hikes in the area, and we can provide suggestions depending upon your level of fitness.

Sao Vicente is famous for the city of Mindelo, where you can enjoy the nightlife and the main cultural events.
However, the island of Sao Vicente is much more. The traveler can find beautiful beaches, many of them, uninhabited.
We know that it is difficult to find in-country flight tickets, therefore, we can help you in the purchase of these tickets

The View at Casa Cavoquinho

Accommodation Information of Casa Cavoquinho

Casa Cavoquinho is a quiet guesthouse with big and clean rooms.
We offer a restaurant service with the best Spanish and Capeverdian dishes.

Casa Cavoquinho has a total of four double rooms, (arrangements can also be made to place an extra bed in the larger bedrooms).
All the rooms have private bathroom with hot water available.

Bed & Breakfast

Breakfast is included in the price, we serve our own jams and seasonal fruits of the zone.

Other Services:
Rental car with driver
Guide service for hikings
Laundry service
Wireless Internet connection

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