Vegan Online Cooking Course participate and learn new skills

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Vegan Online Cooking Course

Vegan Online Cooking Course They are conducted online You can participate from the comfort of your home by just using your phone or computer. Been thinking of stepping up your culinary skills? Or have you been dreaming of going on a scrumptious gastronomic adventure?

2 Day Vegan Healthy Italian Fresh Pasta Online Cooking Course

Vegan Italian Pasta Online Cooking Course from Scratch

In this online cooking course, Stefania from Gioia di Vivere will invite you to the world of wonders, of healthy vegan Italian pasta cooking, right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Vegan Online Cooking Course

These classes are a unique opportunity for you to learn how to cook completely vegan pasta, while still discovering the same strong flavors of traditional cuisine.

During these hands-on classes, you will learn the secrets of Italian pasta and understand how food significantly affects your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. CLICK IN FOR FULLER INFO

Vegan Online Cooking Course

2 Day Vegan Healthy Italian Baking Online Cooking Course

2 Day Italian Vegan Biscuits Baking Online Course

Sign up for this online baking course, a unique opportunity for you to learn how to make completely vegan and tasty Tuscan biscuits and desserts.

Vegan Online Cooking Course

Together, you will prepare and bake tasty recipes that are totally vegan.

Stefania from Gioia di Vivere in Tuscany will be there to guide you through it, right from the comfort of your own kitchen!


2 Day Vegan Healthy Pizza and Focaccia Online Cooking Course Live From Tuscany

Authentic Vegan Pizza and Focaccia Online Cooking Course

Welcome to Gioia di Vivere’s online cooking courses where Stefania, its owner and an organic vegan chef, will teach you the basic techniques in making vegan pizza and focaccia, all tasty and healthy!

Vegan Online Cooking Course

It is a unique opportunity for you to learn right from the expert, but from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Maybe it is time for a pizza party at your home?


Vegan One-Pot Wonders: Easy, delicious, plant-based meals for the modern home cook

Cooking using just a single pot or pan is not only more efficient but is less expensive, and means less washing up to do.

What’s not to like?

Whether you are looking for a quick, after-work supper to feed the family or something posh (but easy) to feast on with friends Vegan One-Pot Wonders is the book for you.

Vegan Online Cooking Course

Jessica Prescott’s favourite way to cook is to throw ingredients into a pot or roasting tin and let the cooking process do the work.

Her easy-going vegan recipes are vibrant and varied, with a focus on ease, affordability and of course, flavour.

With recipes for brekkie and brunch, light and hearty stovetop suppers, simple bakes and sweet treats, as well as ideas for no-cook meals, easy dressings and ways to upscale your one-pot meals into feast-worthy celebrations, Vegan One-Pot Wonders contains a wide variety of ingenious but achievable plant-based recipes, perfect for anyone, any night of the week, with minimal fuss and little washing up.


Vegan Online Cooking Course

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