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Wine Tasting, Pasta, Barbecue Cooking Weekend in Villa Elena, Rome, Italy

Weekend Cooking Vacation Rome Italy

Grab the opportunity to savor authentic Italian cuisine. On this holiday, your instructor will teach you to love cooking, you will taste a real Neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood oven right in front of your eyes, you will discover how to recognize and taste an excellent chardonnay or a Pinot bianco from Friuli Venezia Giulia, and understand the difference between a Chianti and a Montepulciano red wine. Take part in a pasta cooking session, as well as preparing barbeque while relaxing in the beautiful Villa Elena.

Ever wanted to learn how to whip up an authentic Italian pizza or pasta? With cooking holidays in Italy, you have the chance to do just that. Additionally, we advise you to try a wine tasting tour here. Italy is one of the oldest countries to produce wine, so expect to pamper your senses with an amazing variety. We bet everything will exceed your expectations here: the food, the charming accommodations, the friendly locals. But let’s not forget about the food! You will love every moment of your cooking holiday in Italy.

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Caprarola (Latium, Italy), Vignola’s Circular Staircase in Palazzo Farnese (manortiz).


Palazzo Farnesein Caprarola is one of Italy’s most beautiful Renaissance buildings.

A leading architect of the time, Antonio Sangallo, was commissioned to produce the first project by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. Work started in 1530, but was suspended in 1534 when the Cardinal became Pope Paul III.

A few years later, his nephew Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (the Younger), a great scholar and diplomat, took over the works in 1559 and entrusted it to Jacopo Barozzi (Vignola).

The best artists and architects of the time contributed to the splendour of Palazzo Farnese (Taddeo and Federico Zuccari, Antonio Tempesta, Giacomo Zanguidi (Bertoja), Annibal Caro, Giovanni De Vecchi and Raffaellino da Reggio). Construction of the palace also involved demolishing and rebuilding the surrounding buildings in order to enhance the prestige of the Palazzo Farnese.

Palazzo Farnese has a pentagonal plan and is really more a fortress than a residential palace. A deep moat surrounds the palace. The interior is split into two areas: the winter zone (West-facing) and the summer zone (North-facing). The servants’ stairs are inside the thick walls to avoid the Cardinal having to bump into them.

The Scala del Cartoccio is a hidden stairway within the walls with a specially designed handrail that would take a bag of sand or a stone down to ground level: it was used for sending fast secret messages.
The Stanze delle Stagioni has frescoes depicting Jupiter’s feats. Vignola’s design makes this room unreal.

The fantastic circular courtyard (again by Vignola) has two frescoed porticoes, one on top of the other.
The Scala Regia is an elaborate stone spiral staircase that let Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (later Pope Paul III) reach the bedrooms on horseback.

The Noble Floor is split into two frescoed apartments: one for use in the Winter, the other for Summer use. This is where the Cardinal slept: the Camera dell’Aurora. The Stanza dei Fasti Farnesiani is covered with frescoes narrating the story of this important family. The Anticamera del Concilio commemorates the figure of Pope Paul III and the Council of Trent.

The large South-facing loggia — the Sala di Ercole — offers some marvellous views across the town and countryside.

One of the most amazing rooms is the Stanza delle Carte Geografiche (also known as the Mappa Mundi room): with frescoes by Giovanni Antonio da Varese. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of the artist responsible for the most important work in this room: the ceiling painting of the Zodiac.

Vignola died in 1573. Work on the Palazzo Farnese was completed in 1575, including the fourth and fifth floors for the staff and grooms.

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