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Airports China now find Where situated and local hotels

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The Airports of China Hotel Destinations with Take A Break Holidays Airports in China

Airports China Nearest Cities in China that have Airports with Hotels nearby plus info on new airports under construction

Airports China

Destinations in China

Baiyun (CAN)

Lists 34 local Hotels in Baiyun airport area

Airports China

Bao’an (SZX)

Choose from 44 hotels and other places to stay

Beijing Capital (PEK)

Enter your dates and choose from 21 hotels and other places to stay

Gaoqi (XMN)

You can choose from 23 hotels and other places to stay

Shanghai international airport Airports China

Hongqiao (SHA)

 Choose from 55 hotels and other places to stay

Pudong (PVG)

Enter your dates and choose from 35 hotels and other places to stay

Shuangliu (CTU)

 36 hotels and other places to stay

Xianyang (XIY)

Enter your dates and choose from 80 hotels and other places to stay


Hong Kong International Airport ( HKG )

Choose from 48 hotels and other places to stay

Hong Kong International Airport (IATA: HKG, ICAO: VHHH) is Hong Kong’s main airport

Hong Kong International Airport is an important regional trans-shipment centre, passenger hub and gateway for destinations in China (with 45 destinations)


Airports China

China plans to raise the total number of civil airports to 244, including 97 new airports before 2025.

In Northern region (Beijing airport, Tianjin airport, Hebei airport, Shanxi airport, Inner Mongolia airport, Liaoning airport, Jilin airport, Heilongjiang airport), there are 30 existing airports and new projects, the Second Beijing airport, Handan airport, Wutaishan airport, Aershan airport, Changbaishan airport, Mohe airport, Fuyuan airport and so far total 24 new airports will be built.

In East China (Shanghai airport, Jiangsu airport, Zhejiang airport, Anhui airport, Fujian airport, Jiangxi airport, Shandong airport), 12 new airports will be constructed in Suzhong airport, Lishui airport, Wuhu airport, Sanming airport, Jiangxi East airport, Jining and other areas, the total will reach 49.

In South China (Guangdong airport, Guangxi airport, Hainan airport, Henan airport, Hubei airport, Hunan airport) 14 new Airports will be built.

In Southwest China (Chongqing airport, Sichuan airport, Yunnan airport, Guizhou airport, Tibet airport), 21 new airports will be constructed in areas of Qianjiang airport, Kangding airport, Tengchong airport, Liupanshui airport and other cities.

In Northwest (Shaanxi airport, Gansu airport, Qinghai airport, Ningxia airport and Xinjiang airport) new airports, Tianshui airport, Longnan airport, Yushu airport, Kanas airport and other total 26 airports will be built.

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Airports China

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