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Canal Boat River Boats Vacations Adventure Holidays

Canal boat river Vacation Come and explore and have an Adventure on the Canal River Boats Vacations Adventure Holidays your choice

Amazing Canal Cruise and Boat Houses – Amsterdam. Europe Tours

One of the ‘smoothest’ and unique water cruise we have ever had at Amsterdam Holland.

The canal boats are run by electric motors and extremely quite.

The ride was comfortable while we take in the view on both sides through the fiberglass windows.

The same boats run as ‘water taxis’ while not taking tourists on a cruise like this one.

In fact, the canals in Amsterdam are used as waterways for transport around the city. Amazing isn’t it when cars are usually the main transport.

However, because of the parking problems, bicycles and boats are commonly used to go from one place to another.

The guide jokingly said that if you have your bicycle stolen, go to the swap market to get it back for twenty Euros.

Canal Boat River Vacation

Canal Boat River Vacation

Houseboat Prince William & Houseboat Prince Arthur
Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam
Located in the historic Jordaan district in the Brouwers canal, Houseboat Prince William & Houseboat Prince Arthur offers accommodation with a terrace and views of the typical 17th and 18th century… More

Hotelschip Gandalf
Canal Boat

Passengership Avanti
Amsterdam Canal Boat
This boat is located in the centre of Amsterdam just a 10-minute walk from Central Station. Passenger ship Avanti offers functional rooms and a terrace. More

Canal Boat River Vacation

This boat is located in the centre of Amsterdam just a 10-minute walk from Central Station. Passengership Avanti offers functional rooms and a terrace.

Each room is functionally decorated with wooden bunk beds and a small window facing the water or dock. The shared bathroom is fitted with a shower.

Breakfast is offered each morning by Passengership Avanti. In the evenings you can enjoy a drink in the bar or on the terrace.

Nieuwmarkt is 13 minutes by foot. From there it is 7 more minutes to Dam Square. Lively Rembrandtplein is 1.4 km away. From Central Station you have direct access to Leidseplein and Museumplein

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Amsterdam by Boat Paperback

Canal Boat River Vacation

The city of Amsterdam is graced with a system of canals.

Visitors marvel at the beauty of a symbiotic relationship between water and land.

The diverse citizens of this metropolis have learned to embrace them as a gift rather than an impediment.

They are a continuing triumph of architectural ingenuity.

Here are forty eight watercolor images of Amsterdam as seen from those manmade waterways

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