Galapagos islands

Galapagos Islands Ecuador major tourist destination in the Americas

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The Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands. Quito and Cuenca, have historical centers that are so stunning, each has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site (Quito in 1978 and Cuenca in 1999. Quito’s churches are some of the richest, most spectacular colonial buildings in all of South America

Galapagos Islands National Geographic Expeditions | (Ecuador) Our Awesome Planet Vlog 

In Part 1, Todd and Tuliyani head out to the Galapagos with National Geographic on one of their ships, the Endeavor II.

The first few days are filled with activities and getting to know what the Galapagos can offer.

They visit the islands of San Cristobal, Española, Floreana, and Santa Cruz.

Welcome to the Galapagos, an archipelago full of unique biota and rare animals. These islands are a part of Ecuador and located about 1000 km outside of South America. Darwin made the Galapagos famous when he stepped foot onto its shores and developed his theory of natural selection, changing the way we understand evolution.

On the Islands of the Galapagos live several fearless animals who have never known any predators.

To preserve their innocence, it is important to save the environment that the animals live in and the best way to do so is to educate the world about such a rare location.

Watch as Todd and Tuliyani experience the Galapagos aboard the National Geographic Endeavor II and witness animals behave like they’ve never seen before. It’s an eventful first few days that leaves them at awe that such a place exists: marine iguanas that blend in with the rocks, sea lion pups that are just as playful as dogs and mockingbirds that steal whatever they can get.

Located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 650 miles from the coast of Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands are one of the world’s most unspoilt areas and the birthplace of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

The remotely located animals and natural plants found in this area are totally unique, their existence and evolution shaped by the landscape all around them.

Formed over a volcanic hot spot, lava continues to flow deep under the water until at some point it breaks the surface to form a new Galapagos Island, such as Isabella or Fernandina, the scene of the last volcanic eruption in 2009.

Hotel Antinea

Quito •

Galapagos Islands

The French-style Hotel Antinea is in central Quito, a 15-minute drive from Mariscal Sucre Airport. More

Galapagos Islands

The area is rich in wildlife boasting amongst others Pelicans and Penguins; the flightless Cormorant; Waved Albatross; the Blue-Footed Booby, the Iguanas and of course, gigantic Tortoises.

There are opportunities to see the unique plant life by taking a walk over the lava fields to explore natural pools and swim with the Turtles and Sea Lions.

And, if the season is right, watch a variety of whales as they swim past.

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands: Discovering the islands that changed the world.

Come discover the Galapagos Islands with a world leader in small group, luxury and educational adventures, INCA, international nature and cultural adventures.

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Swim with Sea Lions, Turtles, Sharks and hundreds of fish. Marvel at the Giant Tortoise, Blue-footed Boobies, Frigate Birds, Marine and Land Iguanas.

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Galapagos: Islands Born of Fire: Islands Born of Fire – 10th Anniversary Edition

Galapagos Islands

Ever since Charles Darwin visited there in 1835, the Galapagos have fascinated us like no other spot on Earth.

This richly illustrated book captures the ethereal, haunting quality of the Galapagos and of the birds and animals that make these islands their home.

Acclaimed wildlife photographer and writer Tui De Roy has spent her life exploring the Galapagos and recording their secrets.

Here, in spectacular full-color images and in her own words, she shares her intimate knowledge of the islands and her deep love and respect for the natural wonders they conceal.

Galapagos Islands

HMS Beagle visited the Islands on their journey in 1831-1836. With the boat came a long a young man, who eagerly studied the landscapes and bizarre life forms of the islands, which inspired him to write one of the most famous books in history, one that would revolutionize the view on our world; The Origin of Species.

This man, was Charles Darwin.

Get to know the wonderful Galapagos trough his eyes and discover the wonder.

Trips to the Galápagos Islands useually start from Quinto in Ecuador
Possible places to stay are below.

Galapagos IslandsHotel AntineaQuito •The French-style Hotel Antinea is in central Quito, a 15-minute drive from Mariscal Sucre Airport. More
Galapagos IslandsAleida’s HostalQuito •Located 500 metres from the metro station, Aleida’s Hostal offers free Wi-Fi and breakfast in Quito. There is a fully equipped common kitchen. An on-site restaurant and garden are featured. More


Galapagos Islands Ecuador

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