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Chile now enjoy breath-taking beautiful geographical extremes

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Com visit Chile South America

Chile is a long narrow country along the southern half of the west coast of South America between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean The bordering countries are Peru to the north Bolivia to north east and Argentina to the east

Santiago Chile.  

Plaza de Armas

Santiago Chile Plaza
Santiago Chile Plaza de Armas Accommodation

The beating heart of Santiago. In days gone by, this parade ground was the nucleus of colonial power, with imposing edifices encircling a central gallows.

Today’s Santiaguinos come here to hang out in the dappled shade of oversized palm trees. Kids frolic in the fountains, youngsters canoodle on benches and old timers chat over chessboards. Quite an improvement.

Serrano Centro Accommodation


Hotel Gen

Hotel Gen
Hotel Gen Accommodation Chile

Santiago City Centre, Santiago Chile• Show map

Located in the heart of Santiago, the top floor of this eco-hotel features an infinity pool and a gym.

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Apart Urbano Providencia

Urbano Hotel Accommodation Chile

Providencia, Santiago Chile• Show map

Boasting an outdoor swimming pool and gym facilities, Apart Urbano features chic urban-style décor in Santiago, also only 30 metres from Bellas Artes subway station. Wi-Fi is free. There are 2 people looking at this aparthotel. More

Apart Urbano Providencia has kitchen facilities, cable TV and DVD players. Some apartments feature balconies and there are modern private bathrooms.

Private parking is available for a fee and Arturo Merino Benitez Airport is 12.6 km away.

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Chile – Santiago – City tour.

Founded on February 14, 1541 by Pedro de Valdivia at the base of Cerro Santa Lucia along the bank of the muddy Mapocho river, Santiago was nearly destroyed by Mapuche Indians six months later.

It was rebuilt over the years, surviving floods, earthquakes, wars and more natural calamities and is now one of the largest cities of South America. Santiago is Chile’s cultural, commercial, industrial and political center.

Growth over the lst decades has produced high rises, a large population (6 million), traffic and all too often, smog that obscures the snow-capped Andes.
Santiago is a cosmopolitan city, with ample restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping from tiny boutique and craft fair to giant shopping mall.

There are cultural attractions such as art galleries, museums, theaters, opera and ballet, lively nightlife, plus parks, tree-lined streets and distinct neighborhoods.

You’ll see brand new high rises and large supermarkets next to old, shabby buildings. You’ll have to fend off vendors and peddlers on the busses, but ride in peace and comfort on the subway system.


The Rough Guide to Chile.

south america chile

The Rough Guide to Chile is the definitive guide to this fascinating country, with in-depth coverage of everywhere from the parched Atacama Desert to the quirky, coastal town of Valparaíso.

With stunning photography to inspire you and clear maps to steer you, this guide will ensure you make the most of Chile’s breathtaking geographical extremes whether you want to hike in the magnificent Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, explore bleached-white Andean salt flats, climb lofty volcanoes, or hit the country’s world-class ski slopes.

Insider reviews reveal the best places to eat, sleep and party with something for every budget, whether you plan to stay in a boutique lodge, sip your way along a wine route, or feast on curanto, Chiloé’s delicious signature dish.

Make the most of your holiday with The Rough Guide to Chile.

Chile regions map
Map Chile

Tourism in Chile has experienced sustained growth over the last few decades. In 2005, tourism grew by 13.6%, generating more than 4.5 billion dollars of which 1.5 billion is attributed to foreign tourists.

south america chile
south america chile

According to the National Service of Tourism (Sernatur), 2 million people a year visit the country.

Most of these visitors come from other countries in the American continent, mainly Argentina; followed by a growing number from the United States, Europe, and Brazil with a growing number of Asians from South Korea and PR China.

The main attractions for tourists are places of natural beauty situated in the extreme zones of the country: San Pedro de Atacama, in the north, is very popular with foreign tourists who arrive to admire the Incaic architecture, the altiplano lakes, and the Valley of the Moon.

In Putre, also in the North, there is the Chungará Lake, as well as the Parinacota and the Pomerape volcanoes, with altitudes of 6,348 m and 6,282 m, respectively.

Throughout the central Andes there are many ski resorts of international repute, like Portillo, Valle Nevado and Termas de Chillán.

colca condor

In the south, the main tourist sites are the coastal area around Tirúa and Cañete with the Isla Mocha and the Nahuelbuta National Park, Chiloé Archipelago and Patagonia, which includes Laguna San Rafael National Park, with its many glaciers, and the Torres del Paine National Park.

Easter Island
Easter Island Chile

The central port city of Valparaíso, with its unique architecture, is also popular.

Finally, Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean is one of the main Chilean tourist destinations.

For locals, tourism is concentrated mostly in the summer (December to March), and mainly in the coastal beach towns. Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, La Serena and Coquimbo are the main summer centres in the north, and Pucón on the shores of Lake Villarrica is the main one in the south.

lapageria rosea

Because of its proximity to Santiago, the coast of the Valparaíso Region, with its many beach resorts, receives the largest number of tourists.

Viña del Mar, Valparaíso’s northern affluent neighbor, is popular because of its beaches, casino, and its annual song festival, the most important musical event in Latin America.

In November 2005, the government launched a campaign under the brand “Chile: All Ways Surprising,” intended to promote the country internationally for both business and tourism.

CHILE What you should KNOW about the Longest and Second Most SIMISMIC Country in the WORLD

In this video we will learn a little more about Chile, a country located in South America.

Its narrow and elongated atypical geography gives it the title of the longest country in the world.

Because it is located in the area known as the Pacific Ring of Fire, Chile is the second country after Indonesia with the highest volcanic activity.

Chile Map

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