Spanish Local Dishes

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Spanish Local Dishes.

Spanish Local Dishes Spanish food recipes many having a video to help explain  Cooking Spanish style and listing the ingredients and cooking method.

Cooking Spanish style.

The Delights Spanish Food Right in Spain cooking Spanish style.

Seafood-Paella cooking Spanish styleCooking Spanish Seafood Paella
watch the videos

Lets make the famous rice and shellfish dish
from Spain that is world wide known.
Three different versions on video.
Aioli-and-olives cooking Spanish styleSpanish easy-to-follow
Aioli video
Aioli is a lovely fragrant type of mayonnaise that perfectly compliments fish,
seafood, chicken or pork,
give these aioli video recipes
a try this for yourself.
Rabbit-Stew-small cooking Spanish styleSpanish Rabbit Stew
or Braised
or even Roast Rabbit
Delicious selection of low fat,
low colesterol Rabbit recipes
easy cooking from Spain.
Spaghetti-with-Camembert cooking Spanish styleTry this Spaghetti with Camembert,
 Spanish Serrano Ham and Pasto.
Try this Spaghetti with Camembert,
Spanish Serrano Ham and Pasto.
Moroccan Lamb Recipes moroccan lamb and prunesMoroccan Lamb Recipes

A selection of videos from several different chefs. These are real tasty Mediterranean Moroccan recipes for you to try.

Sweet-Potatoes cooking spanish stylePanellets Sweet Potatoes
Recipes From Spain.
Panellets Sweet Potatoes Spanish Recipe.
Lentil-Stew-small cooking Spanish styleSpanish Lentil stew.
Lentils make soup making easy they
cook quickly and are incredibly tasty.
Fresh-home-made-Lemonade cooking Spanish style

Home made Spanish

Tuna-Omelette-small cooking Spanish styleSpanish Tuna Omelette
A very tasty  tuna omelette with
Onions low fat and low colesterol dish.
Very healthy.
Spanish Deserts cooking spanish styleSpanish Bread Pudding 
absolutely delicious!
Torrijas traditional Easter fare
in Spain that consist of slices of bread
soaked in milk and beaten egg, fried in vegetable oil and sprinkled with sugar.
ajo-blanco-soup ajo blanco cooking spanish styleFeeling wilted by this summer heat?
Try a bowl of Spain’s ajo blanco,
a cool, soothing soup
Ajo Blanco A cold soup made from bread,
nuts, garlic, olive oil,
vinegar and water.
Beans soup cooking spanish styleJavea Beans soup

This amazing soup is really nice for cold winter
days and it is also a good choice for your supper. cooking Spanish style.


PASTA cooking spanish styleSpanish based Pasta Recipes.
Spanish Pasta
Spanish Pasta Recipes a small selection of Spanish Pasta based videos using pasta. If you are looking for a few new ideas do watch and possible try.
macaroni cooking spanish style
Macaroni and chorizo – Easy Spanish recipe.
This macaroni and chorizo dish is pure comfort food that will satisfy kids and adults alike.
Garlick Butter cooking spanish style
Garlic Butter Recipes 
Recipes Garlic Butter is creamy and spreadable, but it also provides a little flavor boost to all kinds of dishes..
Spinach feta cheese pie cooking spanish styleSpinach and feta cheese pie
– Recipe from Spain

In this recipe I’ve used shortcrust pastry so it will be more similar to a quiche.

cooking Spanish style.
Pumpkin Pie cooking spanish style

Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie
A traditional pudding to finish off your Thanksgiving feast.  Perhaps an acquired taste, but for me, nothing better than warm pumpkin pie topped with a good dollop of freshly whipped vanilla cream !

Vegetable-paella cooking spanish styleVegetable Paella from Spain 
When preparing Vegetable paella
Wash vegetables in plenty of water,
peel and cut them if necessary the red pepper into strips.
Spanish Paella cooking spanish style
Selection of Spanish Paella meat recipes.
Yours to watch and for the BRAVE even try.
Spanish Paella Collection of Authentic
Traditional Paellas from Spain.
Fried-MILK-DESERT cooking spanish style
Spanish Deserts
Delicious Spanish desert and sweet recipes.
Look to see how the Spanish make them
on these videos.
Tortilla Omelete cooking spanish style
Spanish Tortilla Omelettes easy recipes
How to cook Tortilla Spanish
Omelettes including
a Moroccan style version.
Coconut chicken thai soup cooking spanish style
Coconut and chicken thai soup
Recipe from Spain
Spanish Coconut and chicken thai soup.
A really interesting little soup do try you will enjoy. cooking Spanish style.
Tapas cooking spanish style

Understanding Spanish Tapas

often when you arrive at a bar and order a drink,
you may be offered a free tapa of which
you will have no choice.
This may be Guacamole on white bread,
olives, crisps, peanuts or
some cold cuts of meat.

Spanish tomato soup cooking spanish style

Typical and traditional recipe of
The famous Spanish tomato soup! cooking Spanish style.
Spanish Beef Stews cooking spanish style
Spanish Stews

Spanish Beef Stews Traditional beef stews
are very good but Spanish beef stew is even better.
Spanish beef stew is a lot easier
to make than you might think.
Bread Garlic Soup cooking spanish style
Sopa de ajo,
a bread soup with poached eggs

This amazing soup is really nice for cold winter
days and it is also a good choice for your supper. cooking Spanish style. spanish style
Mediterranean Barbecue Ideas
Living in the Mediterranean part of the World lends it self to regular BBQ’s. With this in mind here is a collection of different  Barbecue ideas watch the videos for inspiration.
Salsa Bravas Spanish Sauces cooking spanish style
Spanish Sauces to Enjoy
Spanish Sauces In Spain, there is a wide variety of Spanish Sauce dishes. Every region or province has its own special dishes.
cooking spanish styleWeber’s Mediterranean Barbecue. the world’s leading authority on barbecues – these 100+ recipes use a range of ingredients to create fresh and flavoursome meals
Portugese Prawns book
Portuguese Shrimps.
These are extremely tasty. Here is a selection of interesting Mediterranean Portuguese Shrimp recipes on video.
Olives-Green cooking Spanish styleWater Curing “Smashed”
or “Cracked” Olives
Olive Curing either Salt or
Water methods
Spanish Grilled Cheese SandwichesToasted Grilled Sandwiches and snacks.

Ideas for your Tostie machine. Selection of different tostie sandwich ideas from savory to spanish style

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