Hemsedal well known winter skiing area

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Hallingdal Hemsedal Norway Take A Break Holidays

Hemsedal Buskerud county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Hallingdal. Hallingdal is one of Norway’s major valleys and a winter resort. It cuts through the bedrock for about 150 km from Lake Krøderen to Hardangervidda at Geilo.

Hotels found in Hemsedal

Skogstad Hotel

Skogstad Hotel Hemsedal
Skogstad Hotel Accommodation

Hemsedal, Hemsedal •

Hotel Rooms: 83.

Surrounded by high, dramatic mountains, this cosy, family-run Hemsedal hotel also offers free breakfast, parking and Wi-Fi. Guests enjoy convenient access to ski slopes and year-round outdoor attractions.… More

Fanitullen Hotel

Fanitullen Hotel Hemsedal
Fanitullen Hotel

Hemsedal, Hemsedal •Accommodation.

Accommodation Hotel Rooms: 25.

Located by the river in Hemsedal, only 200 m from cross-country skiing tracks, this hotel also offers free parking and a free ski bus to the nearby alpine slopes.… More

Skarsnuten Hotel Hemsedal
Skarsnuten Hotel Accommodation

Skarsnuten, Hemsedal •

Accommodation Hotel Rooms: 37.

Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Hemsedal mountain range, Skarsnuten Hotel is a stylish, modern design hotel, where the stunning natural landscape takes centre stage.… More

Solstad Hotel & Motel

Solstad Hotel and Motel Hemsedal
Solstad Hotel and Motel Accommodation

Gol, Gol (27.1 km from Hemsedal) •

Accommodation Hotel Rooms: 20.

This hotel is located in central Gol and overlooks the Hallingdal Valley. It also offers free Wi-Fi internet access and free private parking. Gol Train Station is only 2.3 km away.… More

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Riksvei, Hallingdal valley, Norway.


Driving on the RV7, the road through Hallingdal, starting in the neighborhood of Flå and ending in the neighborhood of Gol. Hallingdal is a valley and traditional district in Buskerud county in Norway. It consists of the municipalities of Flå, Nes, Gol, Hemsedal, Ål and Hol.
The video ends with a beautiful painting, created by Johan Christian Dahl, in 1844, named: View over Hallingdal.

The inhabitants are often called Hallinger (singular halling). Halling dialect (Hallingdialekt) is a dialect from Hallingdal. It belongs to a dialect group traditionally spoken in Norwegian mountainous areas.

Hallingdal has developed its own brand of the rosemaling, with a distinct symmetric style, different from the style in Telemark and Valdres.

The valley also fostered a number of known painters during the 18th and 19th century.
The music of Hallingdal is traditionally dominated by the Hardanger fiddle, which was taken into use from c. 1750. The dance tunes of the valley have a distinct pattern, following three different lines of tradition, one in the south, at Nes, and two in the area of Ål. The tunes from Ål are recognized by a distinct rolling on the fiddle-bow, and the tunes are fairly old.

From early on, Hallingdal also developed a tradition for langeleik, partly replaced by the fiddle. The folk music tradition is held alive even today in the valley. After the building of the railway line Oslo-Bergen, the accordion came into use, and many fiddle tunes were adapted to the new instrument — usually a diatonic button accordion.

Hallingdal is the only area where the old fiddle music were adapted like this in local tradition.
Halling is the name of an old folk dance that is traditionally used in Norway. Each dancer is alone, in contrast to the more common couple’s dances.

The climax of the dance is known as thrown Halling, where the goal is to kick down a hat from a stick. The dance is often called Lausdans meaning loose in Hallingdal and Valdres, but known as the Halling in most other valleys.

The parents of Norwegian romanticist painter Hans Gude lived in Hallingdal until 1852, and Gude painted many of his works there

Geilo Fly Fishing – Hallingdal, Norway.

Fly fishing the mountain streams of upper Hallingdal in Norway.

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