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Welsh Cuisine

Welsh Cuisine Despite being poorly recorded traditional cookery of Wales does exist It finds its roots in the day to day meals of local folk

Cowl Recipe – the National Dish of Wales. Welsh Cuisine

March the first is St David’s Day and it is celebrated all over Wales. I therefore thought that it would be an ideal time to show you how to cook one of Wales favourite dishes Cawl.
Cawl is Welsh for broth or soup originally was made with bacon or kid but these days it is generally made with neck or breast of lamb.

This makes a wonderful delicious soup-stew which is ideal for slow cooking in a Thermal Cooker.

500g lamb neck I am using it off the bone but on the bone is also perfect.
salt and freshly ground pepper.
4 sprigs each of mint, rosemary, thyme tied together.
400g small potatoes, cut in half if large
4 carrots about 250g, cubed.
1 onion, cut into large chunks.
1 small swede about 400g , diced
2 leeks, sliced (green and white parts).
2 lamb or vegetable stock pots or stock cubes.

Cheese on Toast / Welsh Rabbit / Welsh Rarebit. Welsh Cuisine.

Cheese on Toast is beloved by Brits as a quick snack, a light meal, or just drunk food after a night out on the booze. The Cheese Upon The Toast is incredibly easy to make, and very tasty.

Welsh Rabbit, or Welsh Rarebit, is the grown-up cousin of Cheese on Toast. Welsh Rarebit has a few more ingredients than

The Cheese Upon The Toast, takes a bit more work to create, but is absolutely delicious.

Traditional Farmhouse Welsh Cakes making with BBC Wales’ Abi Neal. Welsh Cuisine.

Abi learns how to make traditional Welsh cakes with Mary Lewis. This film has been taken from ‘The Love of the Land’ DVD.

Gizzi Erskine’s Welsh Lamb, orzo & aubergine stuffed Mediterranean vegetables. Welsh Cuisine.

Cook along with Gizzi as she makes this delicious dish – Welsh Lamb, orzo & aubergine stuffed Mediterranean vegetables! Perfect for dinner parties or cooking for the family mid-week.

How to make Glamorgan sausages. Welsh Cuisine.

Sian Roberts, promoter of Welsh food, show how to make Glamorgan sausages, a delicious vegetarian dish.

A Taste of Wales: Discover the Essence of Welsh Cooking with Over 30 Classic Recipes.

Welsh Cuisine
Welsh Cuisine

Welsh CuisineThis beautiful new book provides a tasty sampler of the country’s cuisine, with more than 30 authentic recipes ranging from breakfasts, appetizers and light meals to substantial main courses, classic puddings and traditional baking.

Discover a wealth of regional dishes from the hills, valley and fishing villages of Wales, including world-famous classics like Glamorgan Sausages and Loin of Saltmarsh Lamb, and intriguing local favourites like Bakestone Bread.

Packed with 130 inspirational pictures, as well as cook’s tips, variations and complete nutritional information, this delightful book is essential reading for everyone who would like to discover the hidden secrets of Welsh food and cooking.

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