Estonia Northern Europe border Baltic Sea

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Estonia Tallinn the capital of Estonia

Estonia is located in eastern Europe, on the Baltic Sea. Its full name is the Republic of Estonia. Tallinn is the capital. Estonia  the oil shale state.

Estonia, at the medieval heart of the city Toompea, you will find it is covered in tiny cobbled streets and filled with medieval houses and alleyways.


Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.  At the historical and medieval heart of the city is the hill of Toompea, covered in cobbled streets and filled with medieval houses and alleyways.

The city’s old town has been astonishingly well preserved and was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997.Tallinn Holidays



Pirita Marina and Beach, the yachting venue for Moscow 1980 Olympic Games.  It features a large sandy beach and in the summer it’s full of locals and tourists.

Stroomi Beach, (North Tallinn).  The water is clean and warm, and it is the gay friendliest beach of Tallinn.

Harku Lake, (West Tallinn).  Small lake that draws a lot of people.  The lake gets dirtier by the year and swimming is not always recommended.  Watch out for the vipers on the shore!

For boutiques and souvenirs, your best choice is Viru street in the Old City and its side streets.  There are many stalls selling traditional items like woollen pullovers, crystal and amber.  Prepare to haggle.

Fashion-interested people could visit Estonia’s first Post-Sovietic designer brand Ivo Nikkolo.  Main store is located in Old town, Suur-Karja street 14.


You can visit several places in The Old City, such as:

Medieval Old Town.  Excellently preserved, built in the 15-17th centures.  This compact area is best explored on foot.


Viru Gate (Entrance to Viru Street). This section of town is known as All-Linn or “Lower Town”, as it’s where the merchants and artisans of old Tallinn lived.  Today, Viru is still Tallinn’s trendiest shopping street and the entire All-Linn is the busiest (and most touristy) bit of Tallinn.

Toompea Hill.  According to myth, the hill was built on top of the grave of legendary Estonian King Kalev, but more historically, it’s solid limestone and the site of the Danish castle that founded the city in 1219.

Toompea was the home of the Danish aristocracy and relations betwen the toffs and the plebs were often inflamed, which is why it’s surrounded by thick walls and there’s a gate tower (1380) guarding the entrance.

Tallinn Zoo.  This is an enormous area.  Among its live exhibits, you’ll find the world’s best collections of mountain goats and sheep, which means there are a lot of them.

Tallinn Zoo defies the realities of a relatively modest town – it features all the elephants and crocodiles a visitor would expect to see in a larger zoo, as well as a breathtaking maze of lake-size ponds that host birds in summertime.



Soomaa National Park is about 100 miles south of Tallinn and is known for its swamps and bogs (Soomaa means “land of bogs” in Estonian).  Surprisingly, swimming is popular and is said to rejuvenate the skin.

Lahemaa National Park is about 50km east of Tallinn and is a place to find some nice forests, seaside and swamps and bogs.  One of the most suggested place to go there is Viru raba (Viru bog), that has 5km foot track and watching tower.

You can also start and finish in same location if you go to tower and back or take a round trip back to start around the bog.

Jagala Falls.  The Jagala Falls (Jagala Juga) is Estonia’s largest waterfall.  It is better to go early in the morning to catch the soft dawn light or in the evening when the sun shines on the falls.  During cold winters, Jagala Falls freezes in a spectacular fashion and is well worth the effort of reaching there.  It is locted 34km from Tallin.

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Estonia (Bradt Travel Guides).

EstoniaEstoniaBradt’s Estonia remains the only English-language guidebook to this Baltics destination and this seventh edition reveals more of the country than any previous guide.

Readers now discover why Miss Estonia likes antique cars, where Eiffel built before Paris, and why Edward VII could not land in Tallinn to meet Tsar Nicholas II and had instead to spend three days in the harbour.

Offering extensive coverage of Estonia’s complex cultural history and its artists, writers and musicians, alongside comprehensive practical information, Baltics expert Neil Taylor proves that there’s much more to Estonia than the cobbled streets and cafés of Tallinn.

He won the 2012 Estonia Presidential Award for this guidebook.

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