Clothes Free Beaches of Spain

Clothes Free Beaches of Spain

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There are traditionally many beaches in Spain that are Clothes Optional

Spain Naturist Holidays Nude Vacations Naked Traveler call it what you will The bottom line is having a care-free enjoyable experience

Playa Negrete Naturist Beach at La Manga on The Costa CalidaLADY ON BEACH
Naturists beaches Holidays nude
Clothes Optional
Beaches of Andalucia the Costa del Sol
Naturists beaches Holidays nudetwo on beach
Beaches of 
Costa Verde

Green Coast
Naturists beaches Holidaysverde
Naturist Beaches of Girona on the Costa Brava
ts beaches Holidays girona
Cadiz Costa de Luz
Naturist Beaches

cadiz beach
The Cadiz area has around 250km of coast and the beaches are simply superb; the coast is covered in bright white sand. Worth keeping in mind are the number of clothes optioal beaches for example the south of the beach in El Palmar. If you’re interested or think you might be offended if you stroll too far it would probably be worth finding out where they are.Naturists beaches
Naturism on Formentera Island on The Balaerics
Villas and Hotels
Naturism on Formentera
The island is a paradise for naturists with crystal-clear water lapping the beautiful sandy beaches. It is possible to enjoy naturism on most of the island’s beaches where there is complete freedom of choice as to beach attire. There are no rules or regulations and naturists mix comfortably with those who choose not to be naturist. Naturism is completely accepted on the island and has been for many years.Naturists beaches Holidays nude
Naturalist Beaches on the Costa Blanca

 Costa Blanca Naturist BeachesInformation and details about the main beaches on the Costa Blanca in Spain that are used by naturists.Naturists beaches Holidays nude
Naturist Beaches on LanzaroteThere are eight main such beaches two in Arrecife (Tias), four in Playa Blanca,at the south of the island and one in Famara near the Costa Teguise,and one on Yaiza beach Naturists beaches Holidays nude
Naturist Beaches on The Costa Dorada.Castello Costa Daurada
Ribera de Cabanes or El Prat de Cabanes, Torre Blanca. Oroposa (La plana Alta).

Near the train station of Oroposa. Access through the N340 then take the way located in front of the hotel Tere between Ribera de Cabanaes and Torreblanca.Naturists beaches Holidays nude
Naturist Beaches Ibiza Balearic IslandsIbiza is a very popular vacation spot for long-time naturists and amateur nudists alike. Nude bathing is permitted on nearly all beaches outside of the resort areas. There are several designated nude beaches which are very popularNaturists beaches Holidays nudeBarcelona Naturist Beaches of the Costa Brava East CataloniaThe coast of Catalonia offers the visitor many opportunities to enjoy nude leisure in it’s many nudist beaches and coves, as well as at the few and ever increasing numbers of nude recreation facilities.Naturists beaches Holidays nudeNaturist Playas on the
Costa Tropical
Naturist Beaches of The Costa Tropical.Along the Costa Tropical coastline there is more than 9 kilometres of beaches that are designated solely for naturist use.Naturists beaches Holidays nude
Playa de la Arena Naturist Beaches the Costa Verda.Naturists beaches Holidays nudeBarinatxe Nudist Beach SopelanaBarinatxe beachThe beach is just a 10-minute drive from Bilbao A less famous, but also internationally known event, is the yearly nude race on Barinatxe beach in the fall. Barinatxe is a clothing optional beach.Naturists beaches Holidays nudeCatalonia East Naturist BeachesEast Catalonia Girona Naturist Holidays, Nude Vacations, Naked Traveler, call it what you will. 
The bottom line is having a care-free and enjoyable experience away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. 
The feeling of warm sunshine, wind or sea-spray on your body and enjoying this with like-minded people no matter what their background.Naturists beaches Holidays nude
Index to the Naturist Beaches in the WorldClick the Index link above to other Naturist Beaches in the WorldNaturists beaches Holidays nude

Fuerteventura Naturist Beaches

Nude beach 2

Fuerteventura is on the same latitude as Florida and Cairo. It lies 60 miles off the African coast and has a barren, desert type landscape. Cloudy days are common in winter, but rainfall is extremely low and will be short, sharp showers rather than prolonged periods. The island is situated in the northeast trade winds and there is a fairly strong NE wind blowing for much of the time. This is stronger in summer than in winter.


A word to the wise about Spanish Beaches and Nudity.

All the public beaches in Spain are free to use, and by law are also clothing optional. (The right to be naked in any public place in Spain is a part of the human rights of every person in Spain. This includes: publicly owned beaches, rivers, forests, lakes, even streets and town squares!)

Most nudists/naturists will be found at one end of the public beaches, or to avoid distressing delicate non-nudists will choose one of the many secluded coves for sun-bathing. So, do not be suprised if you see full nuidty on any beach, as the braver nudists will not hesitate to sunbathe where-ever they wish.

There are many beaches which have become accepted as “nudist”, and it is normal for naturists to use these beaches rather than upsetting the prudish textiles.

If someone complains to the police about your nuidty, you will be safe from prosecution unless you are comitting an indecent act, the police themselves are liable to civil action should they stop a person nude sunbathing.

Nudism is the social culture of life, without clothes, and so in other public and private places. Generally synonymous with clothing and departure after the NFN (Dutch Naturist Federation), is the way of life in harmony with nature and the state of nature. Characterized by common nudity, naturism is to promote self-respect, respect for others and respect for nature and the environment.

Naturism began in the 20th Century in Germany and France as a reaction to Victorian morality and industrialization. Heinrich Pudor storm and Richard Magnus Weidemann founded Nudism (FKK) “free body culture” in Germany. It ‘was promoted by KiennĂ© de Mongeot, and brothers Jacques Demarquette Durville. Later, the movement in the Netherlands, Belgium, was popular and more recently Spain, and several other European countries.

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