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Local Youth Hostels Panama for your next vacation

Youth Hostels Panama for your next vacation Selection of hostel Accommodation in Panama City Boquete (video) and Bocas del Toro (video) your Take A Break Holidays

Embark on a meditation retreat in Panama

Yoga in Panama

Delve deep into meditation in the Central American country of Panama. Discover Panama City’s historic old quarter or visit one of the country’s many coconut islands. There’s something for everyone in the lovely Panama! All you have to do is be open to what it has to offer! Book your Panama meditation retreat today and learn how to silence the noise around you and focus on the important things in life.

Healing Yoga Holiday and Detox Retreat Panama

If you happen to be in Panama or would like to visit one of the most beautiful places in the entire country , come and do a personalized retreat with the Holistic Panama Center in the raw beauty and power of the High Mountain Volcano lands! These retreats are for those who really want to experience transformation and authentic healing on a high level.

jungle highlands

Imagine spending consecutive days held in the most exquisite natural beauty of the jungle highlands, while participating in your very own personally tailored holistic self transformation program.

You can choose from a variety of fully supported detox and juice fasting therapy programs, which will ensure powerful health renewing and rejuvenating effects. You will also be doing yoga each day with a very skilled instructor who knows just how to work with you whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi.

Also, enjoy personally tailored Ayurvedic sessions, which can reveal an astonishing amount of helpful information about your health state. Your day will be full of some of the finest holistic healing therapies and activities, all designed around you!

I recently spent a month in Bocas del Toro, Panama. A little island
tucked away in the Caribbean. I wanted to share my adventures with you. I share it all from accommodations to nightlife and much more

Boquete is a small town in Panama’s Chiriquí province known for it’s mild year-round temperatures (18 – 26 Celsius). A destination for many expats, it’s important to remember that many of the services we take for granted in North America (water, internet,power, etc) are not as well established as we’re used to. However, the country and the people are beautiful

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Also Bed Breakfast Bed and Breakfast  B&B BB or BnB details for your next vacation local Regional Cuisines information guide. B and B is an English traditional holiday idea, often hard to find in some parts of the world.

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