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Costa Rica  Index Hotel & Resort Accommodations For Vacations and Travel. Hotels In the area Take A Break.

Costa Rican Food Discover whats on offer

The Costa Rica

Costa Rican Food Informative guide for Costa Rica from what to eat suggestions

An insight into typical street foods Watch the videos to get a flavour of the country.

South America
South America

Cooking Holidays in The Americas & Caribbean.

South America is a continent located in the western hemisphere, mostly in the southern hemisphere, with a relatively small portion in the northern hemisphere.
The areas covered are in USA Mexico Jamaica Costa Rica Cuba Ecuador and Guatemala

Cooking Holidays in The Americas & Caribbean

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From 3 or 4 day short courses right the way through to 8 Weeks Argentine Cookery Holidays in Buenos Aires.

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The areas covered are in USA Mexico Jamaica Costa Rica Cuba Ecuador and Guatemala

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Hotel Villa Creole

Costa Rica local Hotel and Resort Accommodations For Vacations and Travel. Hotels In Costa Rica.


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The Backpackers guide for the Costa Rica area of Central America. ****************************************************************

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Bed and Breakfast

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Local Bed and Breakfast accommodation that is available in Costa Rica one of most highly valued tourist destinations on this planet.


Costa Rica Youth Hostels

Youth Hostels for your next vacation.

Local Youth Hostels for your next vacation Take A Break Holidays Accommodation.

Youth hostel accommodation in the Costa Rica at Alajuela Jaco, and Manuel Antonio.


Costa Rican Food Discover whats on offer


Costa Rican Food Informative guide for Costa Rica from what to eat suggestions

An insight into typical street foods Watch the videos to get a flavour ot the country.

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Costa Rica Vacations: Fun and Adventure.

Costa Rica vacations

What makes Costa Rica vacations so remarkable and awe-inspiring is the amazing diversity of the area.

This diversity is not only visible in the biological variety of the country’s flora and fauna, but also in the assortment of vacation activities through which visitors can observe and interact with the natural splendour of the area.

Possessing a total national territory of just under 20,000 square miles, the area is one of the smallest countries in Latin America.

Despite its diminutive size, this tropical paradise is packed with more than a dozen volcanoes, verdant jungles that span to every border, countless rivers and waterfalls, expansive mountains ranges, and over 755 miles of spectacular shoreline along two oceans.

costa rica vacation

Vacation time

Costa Rica Facts and Useful Information.


Costa Rica contains over 35,000 km of highways in the entire country, of which only 12% are paved. Further, travel on the majority of the unpaid roads is nearly impossible, during the wet months of the year.

Here you will find one of the highest literacy rates in Central America- at 96%.

It could be argued that this is due to the surprisingly high amount of money spent on education- there are 4 teachers to every 1 police officer in the area.

Central Americas Hidden Treasure

Although Costa Rica’s economy depended heavily on coffee exports until just recently, tourism is by far the most profitable business into the country, bringing over 1.1 billion dollars into the country.

This tourist industry is only expected to increase in the coming years. Foreign visitors are primarily interested in ecotourism while visiting with common travel destinations such as tropical canopy tours, and scuba diving.

Discovered by the Spanish (specifically, by Christopher Columbus), the primary language is Spanish, but a surprisingly high number of natives also speak English fluently.

The highest number of English speaking residents is on the beaches, whereas the inner areas have the lowest number of English speaking residents.

Although located in a tropical zone, the area has perhaps the best weather balances. Featuring an average temperature of just 73 degrees Fahrenheit, the area has perhaps the most perfect weather than anywhere else in the world.

Costa Rica’s flag consists of the three main colors associated with freedom across the world- red, white, and blue. the flag consists of two blue stripes on the top and bottom, two white stripes on the inner top and bottom, and a large red stripe in the center.

The flag was adopted in 1964, although it was originally adopted in 1906.

Costa Rica facts are abundant in the rainforest areas. The forests are home to thousands of different species, claiming 5% of the world’s total plant and animal species.

Exotic animals

In addition, exotic animals ranging from poison dart frogs to crocodiles make their homes in the rainforests. Biodiversity is high in these rainforest areas, with over 11,000 different species of plants and over 3,000 different species of animals.

Costa Rica’s history as a country first began when Christopher Columbus (who named the country) landed in 1502.

Christopher Columbus was on his fourth journey to America.

This voyage was also his last. A shipmate noticed the extravagant natives which were paddling out to meet their ship as it arrived, and he thus called the area Costa Rica, which means “Rich Coast” in Spanish.

While not exactly the largest country in Internet usage, contains over 800,000 Internet users.

This means that almost 1 in every 4 people uses the Information Superhighway on a regular basis.


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Costa Rica

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