Kusadasi Underground Cave City

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Kusadasi Turkey Beautiful Sandy Beaches

WELCOME TO KUSADASI Beautiful Sandy Beaches and over 300 days of sunshine a year. No wonder Kusadasi has grown into one of Turkey’s major sea-resorts

The ancient ruins of the fortress and its gates are a reminder of the impact the Ottomans had on the city at the beginning of the 15th century. 

These days, you’ll still see old houses in narrow streets alternated with more fashionable streets, such as the ‘Barlar Sokak’, the place to go to when you’re looking for restaurants and entertainment when the sun sets over the palm-lined boulevard of this harbour town.

Around Ephesus and Kusadasi: TAN Travel Guide Kindle Edition

Around Ephesus and Kuşadası. TAN Travel Guide has been prepared for the travelers who intend to spend active holidays on the Aegean coast of Turkey, especially in the region of Kuşadası, Selçuk, Didim, and Özdere.

If you want not only to relax and sunbathe, but also to visit some interesting places and archaeological sites, this is the book for you.

It will help you to get acquainted with the most important information about Turkey and its Aegean coast, to plan the entire trip and to select the places worth seeing.

History lovers will be able to use it to locate rarely visited ruins of ancient cities, the seekers of beautiful landscapes will find tips on the most attractive viewpoints, and the gourmets will get numerous suggestions for the best restaurants in the region.

Other underground cities


An underground winery

Nevşehir Province has several other historical underground cities and Derinkuyu connects to Kaymakli via an 8 km tunnel.

The underground cities and structures are carved out of unique geological formations.

They may have been used as hiding places during times of raids. The locations are now archaeological tourist attractions.

They remain generally unoccupied. In excess of 200 underground cities containing a minimum of two levels have been discovered in the area between Kayseri and Nevsehir.

Some 40 of those contain a minimum of three levels or more.

The cities at Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu are two of the best examples of habitable underground structures.

In 1963 A Turkish Man Knocked Down A Wall In His Home… What He Found Next Was Unbelievable.

By Evie Zimmerman

It’s exciting enough to hear of people finding decades-old newspapers when decorating, but this tale takes things to a whole other level (quite literally!).

In 1963 a man in the Nevşehir Province of Turkey was renovating his house when he made an incredible discovery. Upon knocking down a wall, he discovered a secret room which led to something pretty spectacular…

This man had inadvertently stumbled upon the ancient underground city of Derinkuyu.


Derinkuya underground caves 1

Derinkuyu was a multi level underground city that started out as a few caves, finally reaching its spectacular completion in the Byzantine era.
Derinkuya underground caves 1-2

Its purpose was to offer protection during the Byzantine wars which raged from 780-1180.

Approximately 60m in depth, the city could accommodate 20,000 people as well as livestock.
Derinkuya underground caves 1-3

The city boasted stables, cellars, storage rooms, chapels, and even wine and oil presses.

There was also a school, ventilation shaft and fresh water.
Derinkuya underground caves 1 4

This was a place where people could really survive.

Heavy stone doors were built to protect the underground fortress.
Derinkuya underground caves 1 5

There were also escape tunnels leading to other underground cities tunnelled into the rock throughout Cappadocia. Derinkuyu was one of many cities of its kind.

The tunnels were used once more when locals sought refuge from Ottoman persecution in the early 1900s.
Derinkuya underground caves 1 6 1
They were abandoned in 1923, remaining untouched until the unintentional rediscovery.
Derinkuya underground caves 1 6

In 1969 they were opened to visitors and remain a tourist attraction to the present day. That’s one to add to the bucket list for sure!

The underground city at Derinkuyu could be closed from the inside with large stone doors. Each floor could be closed off separately.

The city could accommodate up to 20,000 people and had all the usual amenities found in other underground complexes across Cappadocia, such as wine and oil presses, stables, cellars, storage rooms, refectories, and chapels.

Unique to the Derinkuyu complex and located on the second floor is a spacious room with a barrel vaulted ceiling.

It has been reported that this room was used as a religious school and the rooms to the left were studies.

Between the third and fourth levels is a vertical staircase. This passageway leads to a cruciform church on the lowest (fifth) level.

The Pigeon Island (just off the coast) offers the ruins of a Byzantine castle (better known as the Pirate Castle) and some good views of the coastal town itself. 

Originally, the island was named ‘Bird Island’ but when the Ottomans decided to name the city like that (Kusadasi means Bird Island), the island was renamed Pigeon Island.

Kusadasi, Turkey – Things to do.

Long Beach in Kusadasi is a firm favorite with holiday makers who come back each year

From Kusadasi, ferries leave to and for Italy or one of the Greek islands – there are daily ferries for Samos in summer. 

But before you rush off, Kusadasi is also an excellent city from which to explore impressive historical sights including Miletos and Ephesus and the rock formations at Pamukkale.

For those holidaying by cruise ship, Kusadasi is a favourite port of call.  Whilst most will go off to the historical sights, some will prefer the local Bazaar. 

Here haggling is the order of the day!  Whilst almost all traders will attempt to stop you, if something catches your eye, feel free to negotiate.   All part of the fun.

Ephesus, known as one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world, was a large port and trading centre at the crossroads of important trade routes, such as the Kind road and the Silk road. 

The amphitheatre is very good shape and every summer live concerts are allowed, in 1995 Diana Ross gave a live concert without a microphone.

Every year millions of visitors come to Ephesus for its marvellous and mystical atmosphere.

  Huge granite columns are witnesses of the city’s former magnificence and many worth-seeing sites are surrounding it. 

The Artemision, one of the Seven Wonders, the saint John’s church, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, the shrine of Virgin Mary, the Mosque of Isabey and the archeological museum of Selcuk.

Kale Mosque  “The Fortress Mosque”, built by the vizier Okuz Mehmet Pasa in the 17th century, is the most impressive and monumental mosque in Kusadasi.  Constructed in the area of 1800m2, the mosque has a 550 person capacity.

Temple of Artemis.  From the opposite part of the Temple of Hadrian the interesting complex of the so-called “Houses on the slope” faces out onto Curetes Street. 

These houses were inhabited by the most qualified and wealthy social class and for this reason they are also known as “houses of the rich” or “palaces on the slopes”.

Aphrodisias.  The latrina built in the first century A.D. are the public toilets of Ephesus.  The toilets were ranged side by side with no partition between them.  In the middle was a square pool.  the floor was paved with mosaics.

Didyma.  Along the Curetes Street, in a wonderful succession of ancient ruins, sculpted pillars decorated with sculptural figurations, we can see reconstruction on a reduced scale of one of the most remarkable Ephesian monuments.

Miletos.  In mythology, the Curetes were known as semi-deities. Later “Curetes” referred to a class of priests in Ephesus.

Many inscriptions about the Curetes were discovered in different locations in Ephesus, especially at the Prytaneion.

Kusadasi is not only sun drenched beaches, spectacular mosques and tasty kebabs.  The activities on offer, the nightlife, the great hotels, the atmosphere, the delicious food, the shopping, the people, the wonderful climate, the beautiful scenery and the complex history are all part of what makes it great. 

Kusadasi is an ideal holiday destination for singles, couples, families, or retirees, offering something for everyone.  Discover Kusadasi today!

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