clothes optional beaches

Clothes optional beaches Martial Arts

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Clothes optional beaches Martial Arts We have discovered a few places that you can sunbathe as you wish on some of the beaches here in Thailand exotica videos

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clothes optional beaches

The small island near pattaya, has a small quiet beach for nature lovers and enjoy a full suntan.

When you arrived at Samae beach walk left and go the boardwalk until the end, then in 3min over the small mountain and you see the 50m beach. 5.

A very nice clothes free beach is in Phuket.

It is a 5min walk from the freedom beach and only a 10m sandy bay.

The fastest way is by boat from Patong, but expensive.

The better way with motorbike: Drive the beach road to the south end end then up the mountain, the road goes left around the mountain and then down.

On the way down there is a small concrete bridge, here left (7.881917, 98.278830) the small path about 200m then parking and walk the path down to the beach.

Koh Samui Mediation and Martial Arts and quiet white sandy beaches


When you see the corner of a big wall you must turn right down NOT straight on! Beach 7.876029, 98.275762 6. 2 more quiet beach are near Paradiese Beach.

Paradiese Beach can reached by motorbike from Patong. On the beach walk right and after a view minutes you will see 2 small sandy beach.

railway beach Clothes optional beaches
clothes optional beaches for you


rai leh beach Clothes optional beaches
clothes optional beaches

We have discovered a few places that you can sunbathe as you wish on some of the beaches here in Thailand.

This particular beach is located in southern part of Thailand.

The beach name RAI-RAI beach In Pang-nga or Grabi Province which is not too far from Phuket.

You are unable to drive to this beach. You would need to get there by boat. This is a lovely setting and well worth a visit !!!

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Clothes optional beaches

RAI – RAI Leh Beach :- Rai Leh, also commonly known as Railay, is a tourist area located on the Andaman Coast of Thailand, in Krabi Province.

Rai Leh is primarily known as a rock climbing hot spot, attracting climbers from
all over the world to its superb towering limestone.

As Rai Leh is a peninsula surrounded by ocean and mountains, final access can only be by boat.

Long-tails depart from Ao Nang (10 minutes, 60 baht/person) and Krabi (30 minutes) on demand, making those towns the gateways to Rai Leh.

It’s also possible to access Rai Leh via regular ferries that run between Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi, and Phuket
(more frequent in the November-May dry season.
From Bangkok there are flights to Krabi and Phuket, direct bus services, and trains to Surat Thani with onward connections by bus.

Baan Manali Resort
clothes optional beaches

Venture south and a recommended destination of Koh Tao, Thailand’s gem of an island in the Gulf of Thaialnd next to Koh Phangan.

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Leela Beach Koh PhaNgan

Koh Phangan, Leela Beach is now a very popular beach with many tourist, nobody goes naked now.

The beach is on the island of Koh PhaNgan.

Do not forget that stripping completely at the beach is technically illegal anywhere in Thailand.

Leela beach Clothes optional beaches
clothes optional beaches

Leela Beach on Koh Phangan is a little too small to make the maps.

It’s isolated enough that the locals either don’t know or don’t care,  is at least accepted.
The beach includes a series of bungalows and the owners describe the area as isolated enough to “insure privacy.

phangan beach map Clothes optional beaches
Clothes optional beaches

One of the best quiet beach on Koh Phangan is the small beach near Mae Haad or the 2 small bays near Haad Son (Secret Beach)”

Thailand beckons YOU four that unforgettable break

Koh Pha Ngan:

1. Ao Hin Lor is a lovely sandy beach where it starts at Booms Cafe Bungalows and carries on until Blue Hill Resort.
There are many beautiful places for you to enjoy a full suntan.

2. Another very good and nice place is near the Wok Thum Beach .

When you drive from Thong Sala the way to Wok Thum, after a small viewpoint restaurant you will see a big place without any building on the left.

One the end of this place is a small path to go down to the beach, then you will see a very nice beach.

3. A small but nice beach is near Bovy Resort (Pirates Bar).

But the watertide on this beaches goes down in the afternoon.

Best time is morning and early afternoon. Clothes optional beaches.

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samui bear beach Clothes optional beaches
Clothes optional beaches

Samui have 2 quiet beach: Maenam (Koh Samui north), between By Beach Resort and Boom Bungalows.

Take the Road to Mimosa Resort, the road end at Boom Bungalows.

Walk left about 100m and you will see a stone wall at a lonely beach. GPS 9.581471, 99.964633.

Thong Son Bay (Koh Samui north-east), follow the signs to Melati Beach Resort.

In front of the gate of Melati turn right and follow the small road until the end at the beach, park at Thong Son Bay Bungalow.

( and walk at the rocks right to the next beach which is very quiet 9.587078, 100.077543.

or Had Tien Beach on Pha Ngan Island.

But conditions are always changing and it is good to be cautious and respect local sensitivities beautiful places for you to enjoy a full suntan is officially illegal.

You will find people in the tourist industry very friendly and unshockable, so don’t hesitate to ask where you can obtain a full suntan, sunbathing might be possible.

Having a Thai sarong handy is always a good idea. Sarong to skinny-dipping to sarong is actually not uncommon.


Also few more places in Thailand that you can gain a full suntan at the beach, Samui Island
in Thailand call Kor-Samui and Patong beach in Phuket, and the other place near Pattaya-there are private houses or Bungalows on the private beach.

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Thai beach beer Clothes optional beaches
clothes optional beaches

Phuket: Phuket,
1.On the freedom beach near patong. There is a small (15 meters) sandy beach on the left of freedom beach.
Its a good place  beautiful places for you to enjoy a full suntan

2. Near the Naithon beach is a small public beach with one restaurant. The owners there accept when you stay that you want a full suntan, sunbathing and swimming, but Please dress to go in to the restaurant!

Please Do Not forget: Maybe sometimes thai people come to this beaches wearing swimming costumes.
Most on the weekend the thai like to go on the beach for picnics.

Mai Khao beach is in Phuket, At 9km is the longest beach on Phuket, clean and quiet, and naturism is possible here. for Clothes optional beaches.

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kohlarne Clothes optional beaches
Clothes optional beaches

There is one beach on the Island near Pattaya. That you can be in full suntan on the beach.

Island name. Koh. Larn. at Samae beach. Clothes optional beaches.

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Local Accommodation near Pattaya.

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