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Philippines Filipino food local Cuisine Foodies Delight

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Philippines Filipino food

Philippines Filipino food Philippine cuisine local recipes style of cooking and the food associated with it have evolved over many centuries from the surrounding countries many recipes have a truly interesting mix

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Filipino food

Paano magluto Sweet Pork & Egg Recipe – Pinoy Filipino Cooking – Tagalog English. Filipino food.

Sweet Pork & Egg Recipe – Pinoy Filipino Cooking. Another Filipino food Recipe.

How To | CREAMY CHICKEN PASTEL. Filipino food.

Chicken Pastel or Pastel de Pollo in Spanish, is the Filipino version of the Chicken Pot Pie sans the pie, usually made out of chicken with a thick white sauce made out of cream or milk. The original version of this dish is definitely baked where in the chicken stew is encased in a pie crust or similar pastry but knowing Filipinos love their rice hence the bread was replaced.

This dish is usually made out of chicken but it can also be done with different types of meat such as pigeon, rabbit and duck along side with different vegetables such as carrots, mushrooms, olives and celery. A popular Philippine dish during special occasions which is a must try for everyone.

Try this recipe and let me know what you think!😘 Another Filipino food Recipe.

How to Cook Sweet & Sour Fish Recipe – English. Filipino food.

Sweet & Sour Fish Recipe

Fish (any fish)
3 cloves garlic
1 medium onion
small portion ginger
1 small red bell pepper
1 small tomato, chopped
3 tbsp vinegar
3 tbsp corn starch
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp soy sauce

Thank You for Watching I hope you enjoyed my SWEET & SOUR FISH RECIPE. Another Filipino food Recipe.

Filipino Lumpiang Shanghai. Filipino food.

Filipino Lumpiang Shanghai is a type of egg roll popular in the Philippines. This is simple and easy to prepare and taste really good. This cooking video will guide you on how to cook this type of lumpia the easiest possible way.

This dish is best served with sweet and sour sauce along with streamed white rice or pansit on the side. enjoy! Another Filipino food Recipe.

Filipino Cookbook – 25 Delicious Recipes to Enjoy Filipino Food: Get Ready to Experience Delicious Filipino Culture of Food.
Philippines Filipino food
Filipino food

Filipino foodFilipino cuisine consists of a wide range of dishes, such as salted fish, rice, Torta (omelet), Tapa (cured beef), Adobo (chicken and garlic in soy sauce), Puchero, etc. If you are a foodie and you like to experiment Filipino Food, you should try recipes given in this book. Filipino cuisine revolves around salty, sour and sweet tastes. Vinegar is an important ingredient for Adobo to improve the flavor and taste of your food.

In Filipino Culture, there are numerous recipes that are delicious and easy. Rice is stapled food in Philippine, such as steamed rice with fish, vegetables or meat.

Filipino Pancit Recipe. Filipino food.

There are many variations of this recipe. Especially with the type of noodles. I used the sotanghon noodles here (very fine rice noodles) but you can use egg noodles (more Chinese style), and regular vermicelli rice noodles.

Here’s a recipe I just copied from the internet. Like I said on my video I showed you the approach to cooking the filipino pancit. You can either add the shrimp, pork, chinese sausage or chicken or all of the above. 🙂 Then the basics of the vegetables are: celery, green beans and/or snap peas, carrots, cabbage, onions and garlic. Add some Chicken broth along with soy sauce and that’s it. 🙂 There are various recipes on-line. 🙂

Pancit Bihon (Sotanghon) Recipe:
1 lb pancit bihon (Rice Noodles)
1/2 lb pork, cut into small thin slices
1/2 lb chicken, cooked, deboned, and cut into thin slices
1/8 lb peapods or snow pea
1 cup carrot
1/2 small cabbage, chopped
1 cup celery leaves, chopped finely
1 medium sized onion, chopped
1/2 tbsp garlic, minced
1 pc chicken cube
5 tbsp soy sauce
3 to 4 cups water
Cooking Procedure
In a large pot, Saute the garlic and onion
Add the pork and chicken then let cook for 2 minutes
Add the chicken cube and water then simmer for 15 minutes
Put in the carrots, peapod, cabbage, and celery leaves and simmer for a few minutes
Remove all the ingredients in the pot except for the liquid and set them aside
In the pot with the liquid in, add the soy sauce and mix well
Add the pancit bihon (makes sure to first soak it in water for about 10 minutes) and mix well. Cook until liquid evaporates completely
Put-in the vegetables and meat that were previously cooked and simmer for a minute or two
Serve hot. Share and enjoy! Another Filipino food Recipe.

How to Cook The Best Maja Blanca Recipe – English Version.Filipino food.

The best Maja Blanca Recipe in English


1 1/2 cups of cream corn
1 cup of cornstarch
3 1/2 cups of coconut milk (1 1/2 cups of first extract and 2 cups of second extract)
3/4 cup of sugar
380g condense milk

Thanks for Watching I hope you enjoyed MAJA BLANCA RECIPE. Another Filipino food Recipe.

How to Make Leche Flan. Filipino food.

This video on how to make leche flan is the HD version of the same original leche flan recipe that was uploaded back in 2009. Leche flan is probably the most popular Filipino dessert. It resembles Creme Caramel. It is simply made of eggs, milk, and sugar. Another Filipino food Recipe.

How to Cook Philippine Desserts: Cakes and Snacks (Filipino Cookbook Recipes of Asian in America).
Philippines Filipino food
Filipino food

Filipino foodIf you love a sweet ending to meals, then this cookbook “How to Cook Philippine Desserts, Cakes and Snacks” is for you. Elizabeth Ann Besa-Quirino, author, award-winning journalist and recipe developer of the popular blog, Asian In America, presents 30 all-time favorite Filipino desserts transformed from traditional heirloom recipes into modern treats in her American kitchen. Her desserts are rice cakes, coconut sweets, cakes, pastries and special occasion sweets. Born and raised in the Philippines, Betty Ann, as she is fondly called, channeled her love for sweets in these heritage recipes from her family and friends when she moved to America.

Lumpiang Shanghai (Spring Rolls) Filipino food.

Lumpiang Shanghai is made from ground pork mixed with carrots and minced onions. This video shows you how to prepare the ingredients, wrap it, and fry it. These tasty rolls are wrapped and fried in spring rolls. This dish initially came from China, but it popular popular in the Philippines.

Spring Rolls

Philippines what hidden discoveries await you

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Philipino Food
Philipino Food

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